Dripping in Finesse

The best part in the song "Finesse" is definitely Cardi B's verse. Once that part is over, you can just skip the whole song because Bruno Mars is totally irrelevant, right??

Seriously though, I am not a fan of him! This may be an unpopular opinion, but does anyone else agree with me?

In today's look, this jacket is giving me all the 90's vibes. The fanny pack is also another key item that has made a comeback recently and let me tell you - these things are super handy! I actually really enjoy wearing it. 

I thrifted this jacket at a place in Kensington Market (don't ask me which one - because I honestly don't remember, sorry)!! The pouch is an Ali Express find and the rest of the outfit is basically just a black tank, black drawstring pants and white Converse shoes.

Thrifted Jacket // Ali Express Sunnies and Fanny Pack // H&M Tank // Converse Shoes // Thrifted Pants

Thanks for reading today!

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