Are These Insta-Worthy Toronto Spots Worth The Hype?

Happy long weekend! It's been a great one so far and I really needed this time to catch up on a few things. If you need some last minute inspo on where to go in Toronto, or need an honest opinion on if these photogenic spots are worth adding to your list, then I hope this post helps you out!

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1. Kitten and the Bear

This place is absolutely adorable and I would 10/10 recommend. Only thing is that the seating is  limited to just 2 tables for 2-3 people per table! 

When I last visited, I had the Jasmine Pink Lemonade tea and tried all the jams - and it was delicious. I have never enjoyed a scone so much in my life! A bonus was that they gave us pink teacups to use so that made the experience that much more special for me. Bring your friend, mom, sister, or grandma! This place is a real treat for a small entourage (3 or less lol).

2. Her Majesty's Pleasure

HMP is so insta-worthy but also pretty pricey for what you get. 

They do some great nail art but with my experience just getting a pedicure, I wouldn't say it was the best one I ever had (for what I paid) and the polish didn't last very long! Maybe 1.5 weeks?

They recently upgraded the back section with these cute retro phones and the pink neon sign so maybe their services have improved as well! I would love to go back sometime and give it another chance.

3. Oretta

This place is gorgeous! It's your basic Italian restaurant with a super pretty atmosphere. Everything from the decor to the menus are all about aesthetics. I've only ever had margherita pizza here (boring, I know!) but it was pretty good. 

4. Labsense Icecream

This place is so dreamy and I had to go because just about everything is - you guessed it - pink!

They have a floral wall, white marble tables, a ball pit and a pink retro phone. Everything about this place is made for an Instagram picture. Everything except for the ice cream! 

I had the strawberry cheesecake (I think) and honestly, it wasn't that great! Especially not for the price you're paying. Sure, it's cool that it comes out smoking from the liquid nitrogen effect, but the ice cream itself was just so basic and grocery store level. 

If you want to visit here, go for the photos! But don't have too high of expectations for the (strawberry cheesecake?) ice cream. 

Thanks for reading today!

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