The Pink Effect

I never thought I’d say this - or even do it for real, but I wrote a rap and got it produced
You can listen to it soon.

The Pink Effect was something I wrote back in summer 2018 and it was totally a joke that highlighted all of my quirks and little things that make me who I am. Of course, it had to be about pink and my obsession for the warm and bubbly colour that describes my personality so well. 

It all started one late night in my apartment sitting on my couch and I started writing things down in the notes of my phone. I like to think of myself as a creative person, and I guess I was feeling pretty creative that night. The words just flowed and I wrote the whole song in less than an hour. 

A week or so later, I brought it to one of my good friends and laughed as I told her, “I wrote a rap.” And she was like, “lol right, ok..... let’s hear it.”

I couldn’t even get through the first verse until she stopped me and said “mikayla..... that is the best thing you’ve ever written in your life," and I was like "wow, what if I actually did something with this?"

So I started reciting it to other friends, and even my family. Soon my bosses at work ended up hearing it too. 

I even spit it for a friend in the street one night while waiting for the street car on Queen West, and this guy came up to me asking me what my sound cloud was. Too funny.

People thought it was good. It was crazy. Everyone reacted overwhelmingly positive and encouraged me to make it a legit song.

I thought it was a funny little rap, but I also knew that this piece was about more than just a girl that loved pink. It was pretty personal and it had meaning. It was cheeky, but it was cool. 

I had never delved into music more than just memorizing Nicki Minaj verses and some Doja Cat raps, but here I was about to start looking for a music producer to help me bring this song to life. 

I’ve always loved music and I knew I could rap here and there, but never thought it would ever turn into anything real. I’m so glad that I met Josh, who made the beat for the track and recorded it for me. He is beyond talented and listened to every piece of feedback I gave along the way! He helped me bring my vision and sound for The Pink Effect to life and was overall extremely helpful and encouraging as I figured out the whole making music thing.

Recording in the booth was incredibly fun. The promo shoot for the cover art was all of my pink vision boards brought to life. The planning of the marketing materials and graphics was so exciting and I couldn’t have done it without the photoshop queen herself, Paola

Everything is coming together and I can’t wait until the song is finally available. Leave a comment below if you want to have a listen! 

Thanks for reading today

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