Almost 23

This last year has been filled with many internal challenges and struggles in my head - self doubt, realizing many things I didn’t know, learning to speak up, and even face confrontation when I would avoid it at all costs before. 

I’m turning 23 on Thursday and I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through my twenties (if you want to put it that way). I'm also realizing that time really does go by quicker as you get older. Ever since I started working full time (about two or so years ago) I have lost track of some things and can’t seem to remember things as much anymore. Maybe that’s lack of sleep - or I am becoming better at letting go of things (I hope so) but whatever it is, I’m definitely glad to be healthy and be celebrating another year of life. 

So many things have changed within me personally over this last year, and I feel like I am finally starting to open my eyes to the world around me. Life will never be perfect and neither will I, but I definitely feel like I am less naive to certain things and I am becoming less and less afraid to be my genuine self. Whether that’s saying weird thoughts out loud, dropping a rap song out of nowhere or even wearing monochromatic pink outfits when some may think “that’s way too much pink” - haha! 

l hope that 23 can continue to open my eyes to more things and teach me to help others and put less focus on myself all the time. I hope that this next year will help me to grow into more of the woman I want to become and let go of things that weigh me down.

Today's look is all about the pink and yellow vibes (my fave colour combo). 

I'm wearing an Ardene x Juicy Couture bodysuit that I am obsessed with, along with these pink-wash denim shorts that I scored at the Zara sale. All other items are listed below!

I can’t wait to continue to share my pink life with you all. xx

Thanks for reading today!

Wearing: Ardene x Juicy Couture Bodysuit, Zara Shorts, Birkenstock Sandals, Forever 21 Sunglasses, Michael Kors Watch, Kate Spade Bracelet, Pretty Little Thing Fanny Pack