Vancouver Round-Up: Pink Places, Shopping + More

Going back to Vancouver has been on my list for a while now (I've only been one time before) and I was super excited when my dad and I booked this trip to head over and visit family as well as do a little road trip on the way back to Ontario (more on that later).

In today's post, I wanted to share what I got up to during my time in Van + suggestions on places to visit, shop and eat at!

1. Shopping

Robson Street

This one is always a good idea - lots of stores to hit up and things to see. I didn't spend as much time here this year, but enjoyed checking out a couple stores. Next time I want to hit up Ladurée too!

Park Royal 

Park Royal is a mall that has some good shopping - my faves are always H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. Forever 21 was selling out of a bunch of stuff and I scored two pairs of shoes + a top for only $22CAD - it was a great deal.


This was an interesting area for shopping and there was a little bit of everything - including some touristy shops for Vancouver souvenirs. I was obsessed with this one store called Secret Location - it was definitely out of the price range, but oh so fun to look at.

South Granville 

There are more super cute shops in this area that have some pretty cute clothes - I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty dresses in a store called Maska.

Main Street Consignment Shopping

This street is so fun and has lots of little vintage and consignment shops. You never know what you're gonna find! I ended up scoring the cutest pink denim skirt for only $10CAD.

2. Pink Places

Villa Maris

This is actually an old apartment building called "The Pink Palace" that is ALL pink. If you look in the windows of this place, it looks very art deco and seems like such a cool place to live. Of course I took tons of photos here!

Pink and Yellow Alley

The colourful painting on on this alley way was so neat to walk through - and yes, we took lots of pictures here too! It is located right at W Pender & Seymour St (right beside Starbucks).

This gelato place has over 230 flavours and it ranges from pink grapefruit to green wasabi. I couldn't believe how busy and hyped this place was! I was so happy with how pink it was though - such a great touch. I ordered to peach strawberry sorbeto and it was amazing.

Hotel Belmont

I didn't get a chance to go in here or food/drinks, but we did take the opportunity to stop out front and take photos in front of the pink exterior! It looks like such a cool place and I hope to go inside next time to check it out again.

3. Where to Eat


This restaurant was super nice and the food was really good! I stayed safe and ordered the spaghetti and meatballs but it was a whole other level of yummy. I enjoyed the space and the atmosphere - minus the 5 minute speech from our waitress about steaks.


This place is adorable and even though its vegan, the food was amazing! I had the buttermilk pancakes and they don't disappoint. 

4. Other Cute Places

YUM Sweet Shop

This cute little candy store is found on Main Street and I was blown away by the branding and design work put into a candy shop! The gourmet sweets are also super YUM and I also tried the pink bubblegum soda - super sweet but so on brand.

Queen Elizabeth Park / Rose Garden

This place is gorgeous! We spent one morning walking around and ended up here - the views are amazing and the flowers are so pretty. It was such a nice little walk that turned into even more photo-taking.

Stanley Park

We also went to good old Stanley Park which seems to be the touristy thing to do in Van city. 
I rode a bike for the first time in over 15 years and almost got hit by a car so I will probably not ride a bike for another 15 years - or ever again! Such a scary experience but I'm glad I was ok in the end.

Overall, Vancouver was amazing! I made so many memories with my aunt and cousin, Lydia, and also got to visit my grandmother that lives there as well. My dad and I ended up driving back from Vancouver through the US and all the way into Ontario.. it was such a journey but I loved the car rides! It was filled with amazing views and lots of reading, listening to my favourite music, and chatting with dad. Despite my phone being run over by a few cars, it was an amazing trip and one I will never forget.

Thanks for reading today!

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