I Love Disney But I'm Totally a G

This is one of my favourite lines - and if you know, you know.

Fashion and music are the two of my favourite forms of self expression. What I wear and what I listen to plays a huge part in my life and I love the way clothing and music makes me feel.

To take a line from my song and put it on a t-shirt, that was pretty cool.

This look was a little mix on summer in the 90's. I love a good bucket hat (they have been everywhere lately!!) and this white tee with pink paper bag shorts are a perfect summer tie-dye combo. 

Thanks for reading today!

Wearing: DIY T-Shirt, Zara Shorts, Converse Shoes, Ross Sunnies, Ardene Bucket Hat


  1. Love this shirt and your whole pink aesthetic!

    1. thank you so much!! pink is definitely my thing xox