A Checklist For The Perfect Pink Christmas

A perfect pink Christmas involves a few very necessary things. Today I'm sharing my personal checklist when it comes to having the best kind of holiday season in all shades of pink!

1. Pink Christmas lights

Pink lights are a must. Put them everywhere and anywhere. Especially on the tree or a garland!

2. Pink Christmas cards

Not all of my Christmas cards are pink, but if I could have them all pink - I totally would! I love finding cute card sets at Marshall's and Indigo.

3. Pink holiday sweaters (and matching ones for your pet)

Okay so I love cozy winter sweaters (in pink) and I happened to find this little one with snowflakes and pompoms on it for Olivia. It comes out every year when I decorate the apartment and I love getting her in the Christmas spirit as well! With pink, of course. I found this one at Winners.

4. Visit pink festive places

If you love pink + Christmas, you NEED to visit the pink Christmas trees in Distillery District. This Toronto spot is the ultimate pink-loving holiday dream come true. 

5. Get a pink Christmas tree

A pink Christmas tree is the ultimate goal. For now, I am settling with a white tree with pink lights. That still (kind of) makes it a pink tree, right?

6. Wrap every gift with a pink bow or pink tissue paper

The last touch of any pink Christmas is sharing the pink with friends and family! I love adding a pink bow or pink wrapping to items that I gift. I also love cute sticker tags that incorporate a pink colour scheme. How amazing is a pink accented Christmas present?

Thanks for reading today!

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