Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

It's easy to fall into routine and get stuck in your comfort zone. But if you continuously want to keep growing, old way won't open new doors. 

Every now and then I think it's good to practice trying new things and doing things that scare me. As much as I love to hold onto routines and I love having structure and never go anywhere (or seem to do anything) without a plan, I think that this can get me into a vicious circle where I start to feel like I'm going no where. 

Read a new book. Learn an instrument. Go to a workout class you've been avoiding. All of these things can lead to new opportunities and you never know what amazing things might come of it!

Today's look is all about this street wear colour block sweater and my new rubber backpack bag that I got for just $15!

I'm in love with the pink glasses (still) and will continue to wear them through the winter months. Thankfully Toronto hasn't had much snow that's stuck, so I am free to wear my sneakers for a little while longer still. 

Forever 21 Sweater // Converse Shoes // Urban Outfitters Glasses // Miniso Bag

Thanks for reading today!

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