Creative Gift Ideas For Anyone You Love

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone with meaning and something they will actually appreciate. If you have some time, here are some super easy and cute gift ideas to make for your friends or family this holiday season!


This one is super cute and easy to make it something they actually really like! I have made many DIY graphic pieces before because I can never seem to find what I'm looking for (at least at an affordable price), so I make my own. You can find my DIY t-shirt here and my DIY graphic sweater here. 

All you need is a basic plain top and some iron-on transfer paper. I buy mine at Walmart. You can create your text / graphics on any program and then print it on a regular printer! They are super easy to iron on and won't come off in the wash. Just like a regular graphic tee you would purchase from a store! I love making these. 


You can find cute stockings at Michael's or you can sew your own out of your selection of fabric and then fill it with their favourite treats! This one is super simple, but still a festive and tasty treat.


Something that requires a little more time and effort would be a framed illustration. You can illustrate something cute that you know the person would like (on your computer, by hand, etc) and get it framed for them. You can pick up decent frames at Home Sense for a reasonable price that really tie the whole piece together. 

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