Pretty Woman NYC Polish Review

I discovered Pretty Woman polishes on Instagram a little while back and I was amazed at their colour range and the assortment of fun and quirky names associated with each shade. I was sent a little package from them that included my top faves and I am so excited to share my nail art look and a full review on the Pretty Woman NYC brand today!

All of their nail polishes are:


Confessions of a Mermaid Set

Now this set doesn't look like it's in stock on their website right now, but the Mermaid set is gorgeous and super fun! It's a set of rainbow shimmer shades that each have flakes of glitter sequins. They have a holographic effect to them as well so I'd say it's actually pretty similar to their holographic set

Other Pretties

Pretty Woman NYC has individual polishes as well as sets. There were a few that instantly caught my eye and I couldn't wait to give them a try!

Unicorn Tears (above) is a super pretty holographic purple shade. I love the shimmery hues that this one brings out in the light. 

Relationship Goals (above) is an amazing fluorescent pink shade that caught my eye right away. I think this one is so fun and it indeed matches my already very pink life.

My Nail Art Creation

Below I painted a nail art look with some black leopard detailing (done with a striper brush and some black polish) and I also used a Pretty Woman polish from the Mermaid set to add a glittery effect to the nail as well. The one that I used was "I Think We Mermaid For Each Other". HOW CUTE?!

Thanks so much for reading today!


  1. Beautiful..hope you didnt notice my messy nails on the you..G

    1. Hehe no I didn't notice.. thanks Grandma xox

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