The Superfood Skincare You Need To Try | YTTP Review

Youth To The People (YTTP) is a skincare brand that should be on your radar (if it isn't already). 

I had the chance to try out 3 of their products. The Superfood Cleanser, the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream and the Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil. My favourite would definitely be the cleanser! Read my reviews below for each of the items:

This cleanser is amazing! It's a face wash that is formulated with cold-pressed antioxidants - kale, spinach, and green tea - to give your skin the ultimate cleanse. It works effectively to prevent buildup in pores, remove makeup, and balance pH without drying or stripping.

It lightly foams and has a super clean (very green/veggie-like) type of scent. It reminds me of kale, and that's a great thing, because I actually happen to like kale! Every time after I use this cleanser, the smallest amount (just one pump) leaves my skin feeling super soft and very very clean. I use this in the shower and I love the fresh feeling it gives me.

It's also packaged in a glass bottle so it's totally recyclable and makes for a pretty looking item on your shelf.

This glow oil is ultra enriched with the nutrients of rare superberries. Maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world, is combined with açaí and goji, creating a potent antioxidant elixir. Intensely hydrating prickly pear and squalane oil lock in moisture with the help of omega fatty acids and high levels of vitamin C. 

It also contains a balance of jojoba and sunflower oil illuminate and revive dehydrated skin without weighing it down. Together, these super ingredients work in harmony to deliver a velvety soft, healthy glow.

I love using oils for my oily skin  and this one is great. A little goes a long way because when I put a little too much, I can definitely feel it and my skin doesn't absorb it all that quickly, so the oil just sits on my skin and it feels pretty greasy. Just use a little bit and the hydration and glow are literally at your fingertips!

This product just recently became available at Sephora Canada if you wanted to check it out.

This moisture cream contains adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that calm the skin when faced with daily stressors like UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Pentapeptide calms the stress reaction in sensitive and irritated skin. This deeply moisturizing cream is especially good for dry skin types.

Since I have oily skin and it doesn't become overly dry too often, I have only used this one a few times. It really is a heavy hydrating product and I will definitely keep it in reach by the time winter rolls around!

Overall, this brand has some great products with cool ingredients that are very healthy and make you feel good about putting them on your skin. They call it "superfoods meet science".  I also love the whole brand's messaging - YTTP believes that creativity is fuelled by individuality, and that individuality is essential to skincare. Your skin tells your story, your personal journey. Youth To The People products were created for everyone, for every day. To cleanse, treat, and protect who you are.

Thanks for reading today!

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