Fear of Trying New Things

I recently read a caption in one of Autumn Hachey's Instagram posts that really resonated with me. It talked about the fear of trying new things and "just doing it" in today's "title" obsessed world. 

She goes on to say, "Just because you take a photo of someone, doesn't mean you are, or trying to be a "photographer". And just because you do someones makeup... doesn't mean you're trying to be a professional makeup artist. You can mix a song without being a DJ. You can dance without being a dancer". 

As a creative person who loves to try many new things, I can see how this can be intimidating to potentially be put under a label or judged by an actual "professional". BUT - I don't think this fear should ever limit anyone. It's sad, really. I think that you should do whatever you feel like trying and not let anyone else's opinion limit you - EVER. 

I think back to all the times I was judged in school for being different, starting a blog, wearing "different" clothes or even starting my own jewelry business. Was I a photographer? No. A stylist? Not even. A jeweller? No way! But I had many creative passions and tried to never let anyone else's opinions hold me back. Sure, I felt watched and scrutinized and probably cared about what people thought of me way too much and if they thought I was doing a good enough job, but honestly - everyone has to start somewhere. Looking back, I wouldn't say that I am proud of my old blog and it's not like I made a whole lot of money off of my jewelry creations, but I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that I was passionate about. 

In all, I totally agree with Autumn's statements. If you want to shoot your friend's photos, do it. Take the singing class. Make the Soundcloud profile. Have fun. And most of all - don't worry!

 Today's look is all about this makeup look that Paola did for me. It was inspired by a graphic liner look from Aimee Song - and Paola did an amazing pink version for me. I complimented the makeup with this all-pink outfit. A heart cutout top, some pink trousers and an oversized black denim jacket. 

Keeping it casual, I added the Converse (as per usg). 

Thanks for reading today!

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