The Perfect Tote

One of the many struggles of my life recently has been choosing a bag to take to work every morning. (I know right, such a struggle)! I need one that will fit my daily essentials like wallet, keys, headphones, sunglasses, etc; but I also need room for the occasional water bottle, gym shoes, tupperware dish and the list goes on and on. I also need it to match my outfit. And it can't be a backpack - because that's too annoying to have to take off and dig out my subway pass at the station. A backpack is also never convenient when I need my wallet quickly to pay for something either. I can't use a regular small purse either because it will be overflowing before I know it, and I also can't rely on a canvas tote because the items at the bottom become inaccessible. 

You see the struggle? Does anyone else have this problem?

My easiest and most recent solution has been this huge pink tote bag from Poppy and Peonies. This leather tote bag has been saving my life lately and it ticks all the boxes.

It's the perfect shade of light pink so it goes with practically everything I own.

It is large enough to fit all of my daily essentials plus other bulky items such as a packed lunch, cosmetics, a change of clothes, etc. 

It also is great because I can access my keys, wallet and phone at all times. The bag is so wide that everything can lay cross the top evenly and be at my reach instantly. 

The quality of this bag is also very impressive. My favourite parts would be the gold hardware, the amount of pockets and storage on the inside as well as the large over-the-shoulder straps that make carrying this bag hassle-free (even when it's a little heavy).

My look with this bag today is super fun, yet classy. I went for some pink ombre hair thanks to Dippity Do. I also threw on a few graphic pieces like this DIY "Blogging vs Jogging" sweatshirt and (yes, another DIY), my Reitman's denim that read "feel stylish just being you" in an iron-on transfer lettering on the back. 

I dressed it up with a pair of white pointed-toe heels and a big gold watch. My pink sunnies also add a fun element to this look!

If you want your own perfect pink tote, then definitely check out Poppy and Peonies. If you love pink and adorable leather goods - you will love their items!

DIY Sweatshirt // Reitman's Denim // Urban Outfitters Sunglasses // Poppy and Peonies Stella Tote Bag // Nine West Heels // Michael Kors Watch

Thanks so much for reading today!


  1. Love your bag..much dressier than a backpack, and as you say easier to get the stuff out, you need during the the look and yiu..G

    1. thanks Grandma!! I'm obsessed with the tote bag xox