Up All Night

I would say that I am very responsible when it comes to many things - such as staying on top of due dates, keeping things organized, planning, etc. One thing that I struggle with the most is finding balance in my life - and making myself go to bed at a decent hour. 

I have always been a "night owl". I can stay up for hours on end, but then never want to wake up in the morning. I also work WAY better at night. I get a "second wind" around 7 pm and feel most productive around this time of the day. Who else is like this?

Many nights are spent answering emails, creating content, editing photos, writing and scheduling new posts or even meal prepping. I very easily loose track of time and never want to go to bed until everything on my list is complete. My bedtime ranges fro 12 AM to 2 AM on a weekday - and this doesn't give me much time to get a good night's rest before I have to wake up and go to work in the morning. 

One of my short term goals is to really work on going to bed earlier. Anyone have suggestions on what I should do to dial my clock back?

For today's outfit, I created a summer-to-fall transition look. I paired a black long sleeve shirt under this adorable pink dress. I actually really like how the combination turned out! I also sprinkled some added summer feels with these gorgeous teal tassel earrings by Poppy and Peonies. They also come in pink and I feel like I need those in my life as well! 

Poppy and Peonies Earrings // Lulu's Dress // H&M Long Sleeve // Nine Wet Heels // MVMT Watch 

Thanks for reading today!

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