Ballin' On A Budget

I am extremely grateful for everything I have - and also for being taught such practical skills when it comes to saving and spending money. 

It is SO important to educate yourself on handling your money and be empowered in doing so. What do they say? Knowledge is power. And that is so true. 

I am at a place in my life where I live on a very strict budget but I am fortunate enough to handle all of my finances independently. Because of my age and the stereotype on my generation, a lot of people assume that my parents still support me financially, but that is false. I am proud to be independent and I am making decisions that are best for me. Saving money, investing and budgeting are all in my control.

Don't get me wrong - I love to treat myself every once in a while and I am always incorporating new clothing pieces into my wardrobe. I choose to balance this by planning when to make these purchases and only do so when I know I have the room in my budget. 

If you guys want me to do a post on how I budget, let me know in the comments!

Today's look is all about this rose gold bomber jacket. I love wearing this one on rainy days because it just makes my day brighter. I also have my favourite Clueless movie tee and some distressed denim shorts. It's a pretty casual outfit, so I added my Converse sneakers and my black saddle bag.

H&M Bomber // Truffle Shuffle Clueless Tee // Thrifted Shorts // Street Level Bag // Converse Shoes // Michael Kors Watch

Thanks for reading today!

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