Haircare Products I Couldn't Live Without

Do you ever find haircare products that just work for you and you never want to let them go? I have a few that I've been loving lately and a couple of these are long-time loved items as well!

Marc Anthony Haircare - Bye Bye Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

These Bye Bye Frizz products by Marc Anthony haircare have been amazing! I love the shampoo and conditioner, even though my hair is not overly frizzy. This duo leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and tame. Also - can we appreciate how cute this pink and purple colour combo is on the packaging?!

Marc Anthony Haircare - Grow Long Foaming Dry Shampoo

I've talked about this one before and I seriously love it. I had never tried a dry shampoo foam before, but it's a really cool product because it feels like you are washing your hair without actually washing it!). Every time I use it, my scalp feels super clean - and I am one of those super-oily-scalp-even-after-day-two type girls. It even gives my hair a volumizing effect that is great when it comes to styling!

Marc Anthony Haircare - Bye Bye Frizz Hair Serum

Okay so this is a GREAT one as well! This serum works really well for those times when I leave my hair natural and untouched and I still want it to look super smooth and sleek. I squirt a pump of this out and run it through the ends of my hair to diminish frizz and complete my look for lazy hair days. It works so well!

This mousse is amazing! It's so fun to use and it's great for smoothing my hair and adding some volume and shine as well. I love that it's pink and the product is NOT tested on animals. 

The mousse is a super lightweight formula with a natural blend of Moroccan rose, biotin and collagen. It's also silicone-free and thermal protective!

I'm sure that I've mentioned this before - but I LOVE Tangle Teazer! This hair brush brand literally changed my life and I will probably never use another hairbrush ever again.


My hair is naturally VERY thick and gets tangled SO easily. I grew up absolutely dreading to brush my hair because regular hair brushes hurt my head and pulled on the strands of my hair too much. 

I found Tangle Teazer a few years ago and I bought it because of the cute shape and fun colour. I had a hot pink one as my first brush, and I later purchased this pink glitter one (inspired by Disney Princesses)

Once I tried this brush out, I realized that it is MUCH MORE than just a cute brush that comes in amazing colours and fun designs. The shape of this brush is super compact and great for storing in my cosmetic bag, traveling, ect and the way the bristles are laid out makes ALL the difference when it comes to the use fo the brush. No matter how tangled my hair might be, this brush glides through my strands and doesn't hurt one bit. I still can't believe how well this works for me!


This comb is great for styling - especially when you need a little extra volume, texture and shine. The unique two-tiered teeth compacts hair towards the roots resulting in great body. It makes back-combing quicker and easier, it's also gentle on the hair, minimizing damage and breakage.

What are your haircare essentials? Are there products that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading today!

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