Enhance Your Self Love Routine: British Beauty Box Review

I recently received the very first EVER British Beauty Box and I was so excited to try all of the products inside!

British Beauty Box is the perfect gift to yourself. Each box is inclusive of 5 full-sized surprises from luxury British brands that are leaders in the skincare and haircare industry. They deliver to your door every 3 months. 

After a year of subscription, you get a free box!

I loved my first British Beauty Box - it had great brands inside and I was super excited to test it all. I also love the overall look and concept of the box. It's super pink (right up my alley) and had a cute little note inside with descriptions of all the products. I have always wanted to visit the UK and I hear about UK brands, Instagramable places in the UK and more - so this box is like a little piece of the UK right at my fingertips. So lovely!

In the box, I got 5 items. I decided to keep them all and give it a try! Read my mini reviews for everything below:

This makeup remover is really nice! It is blended with Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as other natural ingredients. I love using this in the evening to take off my makeup because it's a very relaxing process. It smells like lavender to me! It takes a few wipes to completely take off my face of makeup - and waterproof can be tricky to get off. Overall, it's a very gentle and soothing formula for my skin!

I love a good cleansing balm. This one is silky smooth, makes my skin feel super fresh and comes in a beautiful jar. I also love using it with the dual-action cleansing cloth that comes in the box with the product!

After I cleanse my skin, I use these night pads and they really pick up any excess grime and oil that was missed. I love these for my oily and acne prone skin. They can be a little harsh if I happen to have some dry spots on my face, but overall very effective! I love swiping them down my neck and chest as well.

This serum makes my skin glow and it gives a little tingly feeling every time I use it. My skin always feels very soft and firm after I put this one on. Love!

As you may know, BYBI is one of my favourite skincare brands because fo their Detox Dust mask and lip duo set. Everything from the product packaging, product performance to the branding is gorgeous. I love how cute this babe balm is as well and I love using it as a universal skin salve. I use it on my hands, knees, elbows and lips for ultimate hydration when I need it most. I feel like this product will be amazingly helpful when Canadian winter hits us here in Toronto!

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