When People Tell Me I'm "Too Nice"

I believe that kindness is a great quality. When someone says that I am "too nice" I always wonder how someone can be "too nice". 

Does being "too nice" make me a weak person? Am I "too nice" because I care about people and want them to do well? Is it because I have a hard time telling people "no"? 

NAH, I think it's cool to be nice. And I love being a generous person. I think that being nice will get you far in life. I think that genuine kindness should never be taken for weakness. 

When people say I'm "too nice" - I just take it as a compliment and run with it!

For today's look, I styled this back in the summer with a thrifted pink Lacoste polo, some distressed denim shorts, my pink Converse and of course - a pair of pink sunnies. 

Today is October 3rd (Mean Girls Day) so this outfit turned out to be very fitting!

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Love the shoes..let's get summer back...xxxxx

    1. I already miss summer so much! It's way too cold. And thank you!! xo