Rosegal Halloween Inspo

Halloween may not be my favourite holiday, but it sure is fun getting into character and dressing like someone or something else for a night! I always tend to vibe with a pop culture identity (celebrity, TV show/movie character, etc) and today I am sharing 3 of my top picks for 2018 and how you can easily recreate them with looks from Rosegal. They also have a huge Rosegal Halloween Sale going on right now that is 30% off (even new pieces!) New product 30% off + turntable draw coupon, up to $20 off (full reduction)

Let's go through the looks now!

1. ARIANA - Yes, miss Ariana Grande. I actually dressed as her this year and if you missed my costume from the NYX Halloween party, be sure to follow along on Instagram because I will be posting it again on October 31st! I love the white high knee boots for the Ariana look. You can easily complete this with an oversize hoodie dress or black mini dress. Just don't forget the high pony or half-up-half-down hairstyle!

2. IVY - Poison Ivy that is - and oh so much nostalgia. I love the idea of this one and all you need is some red hair, a green body suit (and tights) plus if you really want to go out, you can DIY some green leaves. I would recommend you make the glittery and super extra! P.S. did you see Halsey dress as Ivy this year?

3. BETTY - As in Betty Cooper, of course. She always dresses super cute and I am really into the pink. You can easily recreate her look with a pink sweater and a white collar with some jewel action for underneath. I would also suggest a loose wave ponytail and some pink lipgloss.

To shop items for these costumes, be sure to use the codes to save!

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Thanks for reading today!

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