Never Say Sorry For Who You Are

I've been in a bunch of situations in the past where I've felt the need to apologize - and not because I've done something wrong, but more in regard to who I am, what I wear and even my life choices. I have made a conscious decision within the last year or so to never say sorry for who I am. I won't let myself say it, and I don't think anyone should!

You can choose what you want to wear and how you live your own life, and you should never be sorry about that! I truly believe that everyone should respect each other's decisions and how they choose to be. Sorry, not sorry!

For today's look, this is a super oversized kawaii-inspired sweater dress. It's by a company called Lazy Oaf and it has little black polka dots all over it with pink embroidered text on the front that says "kittens and puppy dogs" (two of my fave things everrrr).  

This is an outfit that I get a lot of looks for and have felt a little judged in the past when I wore it. I have to say - things really do come full circle and I feel more confident than ever being able to put on this adorable piece. 

Do you ever feel like you need to apologize for who you are? Let me know your story in the comments!

Lazy Oaf Dress // Forever 21 Glasses // Converse Shoes // Michael Kora Watch // H&M Earrings

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  1. This is the cutest little dress ever!! 😍 Whenever you wear it from now on and if you get weird looks, remember that your fellow pink, kitten loving friend would LOVE to steal that dress from you 😉 Also I loved what you had to say. I’m actually quite worried with going to college that there are going to be times where I will feel the need to be sorry about who I am with what I wear and what I believe in, etc. But I just have to remember that God made me perfectly and that He loves me no matter what. 💖

    1. Thank you for the sweetest comment ever, Lexie!!! Just keep being yourself and never apologize for who you are! You will be great in college and God will be with you every step of the way. Anyone who makes you feel like you need to apologize is not even worth it! You are so much more than that. Don't worry too much and keep being your beautiful self, just the way He made you xox