Create Your Own Happiness

Many times we say things like "nothing else matters, as long as I'm happy" or "I just want to be happy". In the moment, you may think that XYZ will make you happy or happier than you already are - but I actually think that happiness is a choice. At the end of the day, it's all about attitude

No matter your situation or what you are going through, I think happiness is something from within and you need to choose happiness. Choose to be happy, choose a happy life and create your own happiness

Today I wrote out 5 things that you can do to "create your own happiness" and help you live your best life:

1. Wake up every morning and think of one thing that you are looking forward to that day. Even if it's coming home at the end of the day and going back to bed. That is definitely a reality somedays!

2. Find a new favourite song and play it over and over again until you know all the lyrics and can dance around the room with your own choreo. 

3. Track weekly or even daily things that make you happy / smile. Write them down. Keep a bullet journal page of all of them and reflect often.

4. When you have a lot to do, get the tedious things out of the way first and then complete the easier tasks last. When you finish this, reward yourself with a small treat, a face mask or even watching an extra episode of your favourite show.

5. Make a vision board. I think that creating life goals is a huge thing to be happy about and get excited about in life. Always have something you are working towards!

For today's outfit, I did a pink-on-pink look with this amazing heart cut-out shirt and my holo fanny pack. I did some causal denim shorts and Converse shoes to keep it laid-back and cool. 

These pink plastic glasses add another neat element to the look and i even have rose gold hoop earrings as an added accessory as well. 

What do you think of this one?

Zaful Top (similar) // Thrifted Shorts // Ali Express Fanny Pack // Forever 21 Glasses // Converse Shoes // Michael Kors Watch // H&M Earrings

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. I totally agree girl! This post was such a great reminder and I really think I needed to hear this! Also love the outfit, as always! 💖