The Best In Summer Beauty (Pink Edition)

It's summer and it's hot and I have been trying a lot of new products lately. Today on the blog I wanted to highlight a few of my most favourite PINK products at the moment! Keep reading to see what they are...

Ever tried a silk pillowcase before? I recently gave Hollywood Silk Solution a try - and I'm in love! 

Silk pillowcases are known to be great for your skin, gentle on your hair and provide an amazing sleep experience. I definitely love the feeling of this one on my skin - plus it's pink! It's also great when I take the time to curl my hair in the evening and then sleep on it - it's still perfectly tousled by the morning. 

I would highly recommend everyone to try a silk pillowcase in their life! It feels like such a little luxury that I look forward to every night when I go to bed. 

You guys know how much I loved this brand when I first tried their Detox Dust face mask and now I recently got my hands on their lip kit - and it's amazing! 

This kit is a duo of a lip scrub and plumper. The lip scrub, "Buffer", is made with all natural ingredients like sugar and strawberry extract. It smells like cinnamon and I usually don't like cinnamon things, but this scrub is actually SO nice.

"Plumper" is a hydrating natural lip balm that both restores and protects, whilst adding a touch of plumped shine. It has a combination of peppermint and blood orange essential oils that smell really amazing together. 

I definitely love trying new products - especially if they are pink! Of the ones mentioned above, what would you want to try?

To see the rest of my favourite pink skincare products, watch the video below!

Thanks for reading today

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  1. Silk pillow cases are amazing! Even better if it’s pink! Adding to my list lol