Give Love To Get Love

“Give love to get love” - it’s a powerful phrase, and one that I truly believe in. 

I feel frustrated when people don’t want to help others or show kindness by giving back. Shouldn’t you want to help others? Shouldn’t you want to see others succeed? If you put out love, I really do believe that it comes back to you in one way or another. I love making other people feel good. I care so much about how others are doing and how they are feeling. 

I get told a lot of times that I am too nice even when people “don’t deserve it”. But even if I may agree with them, I still have a desire to help and be kind in any way I can. 

Whether you refer to it as good karma, being a good person or serving for a bigger purpose - I think the right thing to do is to keep on giving love.

What do you think? Do you prefer to keep to yourself, or do you share the love as much as possible?

In today's look, I have an all-black top and skirt combo with my new favourite "Ariana" heels.  I threw on some pink shades and a little pink cross-body bag to accessorize and this pink opal doorway in the background really helps tie the look together. It always helps when you shoot in a cute place that helps to make your outfit pop!

Tobi Blouse // Sirens Skirt // Nine West Heels // Urban Outfitters Sunglasses // Shein Bag // Michael Kors Watch 

Thanks for reading today!

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