Feelin' 22

Another year, another birthday!

Today I turn 22 and I'm feeling it (aka listing to Taylor Swift's track "Feeling 22" all day long). I must say, I feel like a lot has changed within a year, but also not really? 

I have a different job, I feel more confident about myself and I also have some really cool people in my life. 

Recently I was watching some old videos of myself from last summer and could see a more shy and reserved girl - not too sure about herself. Now, I feel like I speak my truth more fluently and I'm not as afraid to stand up for myself. I wear what I want, I say what I want and I do what I want - proudly.

I love celebrating birthdays because not only is it an excuse to light sparklers, wear cute dresses and eat cake with lots of pink icing  - I love it because I can reflect on everything that's happened and things I've accomplished since being on this planet one year longer. I made a video about 22 things I'm proud of in 22 years - you can watch it here!

I also absolutely love being able to get together with family and friends to celebrate this one year older thing. It's all of my favourite things and all of my favourite people all in one place at one time!

This year's birthday dress is a light pink lace dress with the perfect amount of twirl and girly-ness to it. I wanted something pretty but not too out there and this was a perfect combination of those two things. What are your thoughts on this number?

Of course, I threw on my white "Ariana" heels and some shimmery pink lipstick to match the look. 

Remember what I wore in past years? Have a look at my 21st and 20th birthday to compare!

Do you love celebrating birthdays? Let me know in the comment below!

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. Happy Birthday my dear! Love these pretty in pink vibes! You look stunning :)!

    xxx Rina