My Oily Skin K-Beauty Skincare Routine

K-Beauty has changed my skincare game in the best way possible. From the cute and quirky packaging to the simple but effective ways of use - I can now say that I have completely jumped on the K-Beauty bandwagon and can't wait to share more details on my full skincare routine today! 

My skin is naturally very oily and I still deal with acne on the regular. These products have helped my skin and it's never felt more soft and brightened than this time in my life right now!


I have always went for a harsh cleanser that I felt was "cleaning out my pores" and helping with my oily acne-prone skin, but I actually have went for a more gentle cleanser lately and been loving them. 

The two that I opt for are as follows:

BANILA CLEAN IT ZERO CLEANSING BOMB // This is such a cool product and I had never used anything like it before but it's literally a solid balm that you scoop out and apply to your face. Just add water and it creates a gentle lather that removes makeup without stripping my skin's natural oils. I also LOVE the packaging - like how cute is that pink container?!

MASKERAIDE LET'S FACE IT CLEANSING STICK // This is a totally unbiased review but I need to say that this is my favourite cleanser at the moment! It's a solid stick that you get wet and apply to our face to create a lather. It's made of all natural ingredients like beetroot and rose petals and it smells amazing. I keep this in my shower and use it to remove makeup and wash the day off of my face. It always makes my skin feel super fresh and clean. Like so clean. Did I also mention that it's super travel-friendly? I take it with me everywhere I go!


After cleansing my skin, I follow-up with a toner. I use this one:

BEIF HERBAL EXTRACT TONER // I was introduced to this product from The Face Shop and love how balanced it makes my skin feel. It's for normal-to-oily skin so it's not super harsh, but it does a great job! I use a disposable cotton pad to swipe this product all over my face when I step out of the shower. 


Okay so face masks are everywhere right now and they are super addicting! They are a quick and easy fix for whenever your skin is feeling a little dull and less-than-radiant. 

My go-to's are: 

LANEIGE Waterclay Mask // This clay mask sinks deep into my pores and makes my skin feel AMAZING afterwards. 

"Beauty REST'ore" by MaskerAide // When I need to do a little de-stressing, this sheet mask called is the one I pick up. It has the relaxing scent of lavender and never fails to make my skin feel super silky soft and visibly brightened. It's the mask that delivers a true "K-Beauty glow". 


Since it's currently summer, I'm all over the gel-based moisturizers right now. These are the ones in my rotation:

LANEIGE WATERBANK EYE GEL // This eye gel is super light but very intense. It feels great on my under-eyes!

BELIF AQUA BOMB // This has got to be the most refreshing and soothing gel cream I have every tried! I love applying it before I do my makeup to create a perfect canvas for makeup application.


How can a K-Beauty skincare routine be complete without something cutesy or super "kawaii"? 

TONY MOLY BUNNY MIST // I love the packaging of this bunny facial mist by Tony Moly and the spray itself is also super refreshing! It's a light and soothing mist that calms the skin are sets everything in place. I love doing this to sink all of my moisturizers in.


 As mentioned above, I have super oily skin and I still deal with acne and blemishes from time to time! This product is a life-saver when it comes to pesky pimples:

MASKERAIDE SPOTTED // Spotted is a k-beauty innovation that will get rid of your blemishes overnight with the smallest amount of effort. Just place one clear sticker spot on your blemish and go to sleep with it on. Peel it off in the morning and the spot is treated! This works best for small whiteheads and it literally makes them disappear. I take Spotted with me everywhere I go because you never know when something will pop up!

Have you tied any of these products before? Let me know which one you are most curious about!

Thanks for reading today


  1. Omg! Love some of these products too! I have the pocket bunny mist and it's a must have, hehe! :) The bottle is soooo cute!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. ahh that's amazing!! I know right - literally the cutest!! xox