Ariana Grande's new album "sweetener" recently came out and I am obsessed with this one. She is probably the only "mainstream" artist I really truly love and her sound is definitely different than my typical rap/hip hop beats that I listen to on my daily commute. I fell in love with her back when she collaborated with her now ex boo and one of my favourite male artists, Mac Miller, back in 2013. I still remember singing along to "Put Your Hearts Up" and "Pink Champagne" around this time as well. Other than sweetener, "My Everything" is probably my favourite album by her and I got to see her in concert for that tour - it was amazing!!

I am really into music and I love all different types. I feel like music is an art form but also says a lot about you as a person. I love lyrics. I love melodies. And this Ariana album in particular was so well put together that it inspired me to write about all the things that makes my life sweet. 

When Ariana explains her album, sweetener,  she says it is "about bringing light to a situation or to someone's life or somebody else who brings light to your life. Sweetening the situation."

I think there's so many little things that can be said for this and I love the light and positivity that the album stands for. So, here is that list -  the list of things that makes my life that much sweeter:

1. Coming home every night to my kitty who wants me to pay attention to her, pet her, love her, but just not pick her up... she doesn't miss me THAT much.

2. Being surrounded by positive friends and such a supportive family. Literally so thankful to have great people like them in my life.

3. Taking photos and capturing memories. This always brings such joy to my life and allows me to share my little moments with all of you.

4. Having a job that I love and gaining knowledge and experience with everything new that I take on. I honestly work with the best people and everything that I'm doing right now is right where I want to be as I'm starting my career. 

5. You guys!! So many of you reach out and leave me the sweetest comments / messages. Even the questions about my education, how I got my job, what my life is like working in social media / as a blogger... it is so surreal that I'm even in this position because I remember reaching out to others that I admired with the same kinds of questions.

6. PINK - all the pink!! This colour makes me so happy and adds just the right amount of sweet to my life.

7. 90% cacao. Call me crazy but I love dark chocolate and it totally fixes my sugar craving. Ever since my dad first introduced me to it, I got hooked and now I can't stop!

8. When someone or anyone does something nice for me unexpectedly. Gotta appreciate the little things!

9. Singing to myself when I'm home alone. I do this a lot!!

10. Self care. This one is so important! Whether it's taking time to read, watching some YouTube videos, treating myself to some retail therapy, doing a face mask - just taking a break from life.

11. Phone calls with friends/family. I actually DON'T like talking on the phone (I'm a millennial) but phone conversations with mum or even my close friends are the best things ever.

12. Having a clean apartment. There's something so great about everything being organized and put away and the smell of freshly lit candles after all the vacuuming is done. Gotta love it.

13. Going on a date and it actually going well (wow, is there really hope here?)

14. Words of encouragement. Anyone saying "I'm proud of you" is seriously the sweetest thing. 

15. My faith. I wouldn't say it's "sweeter" but I definitely couldn't live life without it. God has a plan, and it is what I shall follow. 

So tell me now, what sweetens your life?

Today's look is with this adorable navy polka dot romper from Reitman's. I also styled it with this Reitman's baby pink jacket that is !! so !! cute!! as well.

P.S. Not pictured here, but did you know that I refer to my white heels as my "Ariana heels" because she always seems to be caught wearing similar pumps all the time? It's a vibe.

I can't wait to hear all the things that make your lives sweeter as well. Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading today

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