How To: Mermaid Hair Feat. The Wave Maker by Cake Beauty

My current loves are the following things: the colour pink (duh), thick wavy hair and sugary sweet scents. Can I just say that this product by Toronto brand, Cake Beauty, captivates all of those things in the best way with their Wave Maker tousling spray?

I have always had super thick, naturally straight hair. My hair holds curls pretty well (and almost too well) making them look overly curled and not-so-beachy. I fell in love with The Wave Maker by Cake Beauty because not only does it add a dose of sweet-smelling perfection to my strands, but it also gives my hair the perfect amount of texture and bounce. 

All I do is section my hair off and curl it piece by piece with my curling wand. I then finish it with a little bit of hairspray and then spritz The Wave Maker all throughout while picking up sections of hair and scrunching it up with my fingers. The curls become loose and tousled - just like mermaid hair!

I get SO many compliments on my hair AND the smell of my hair (if anyone is close to me) and that says a lot about this product. 

I remember it being my go-to for dry styling last summer as well and when I ran out a while ago, it had been on my list to hunt it down and repurchase. 

Before I got around to searching for it, Cake actually sent me one and I was SO happy to have it restocked on my bathroom shelf. 

Have you guys tried The Wave Maker before? It literally screams "hair goals" to anyone in need of beachy mermaid waves, a little bit of sweetness and it also doesn't hurt if you are a sucker for pretty millennial pink packaging. 

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