I Used a Non-Foaming Clay Cleanser For a Week And This Is What It Did For My Oily Skin

I was recently introduced to Etymologie - a Canadian skincare brand based in Montreal, and known for holistic, natural and organic products. 

I have super oily skin so Etymologie hooked me up with some goodies to help target my concerns! I have used these products for a week now. Keep reading to see my results (so far)!

I used a two-step system that was super simple and easy to use (morning and night!)

The line-up consisted of these two products:

This clay cleanser has a smooth texture and fragrance of red clay, ylang ylang essential oil, and Moringa oil. It is a non-foaming clay cleanser and is scientifically formulated to provide a gentle, effective clean. It is made from 100% Natural Ingredients and 58% of those ingredients are certified organic. 

This exfoliating solution is designed to aid the natural process of skin renewal by reducing skin congestion to help brighten the complexion. It contains 8 functional natural ingredients, including licorice extract, caviar lime extract, green tea extract, witch hazel, and rose water. It is made from 100% Natural Ingredients and 84% of those ingredients are certified organic. 

When I first started using the cleanser, my skin was so bad. Like really bad. Extremely oily and blemishes were popping up left right and centre. I even went a day to work without any makeup on (which I NEVER do!). I have also been very stressed lately, so my skin has been reacting to this! 

After the first time I used the cleanser, I immediately noticed how clean my skin felt. 

I applied the cleanser directly onto my skin (while dry) and distributed it evenly. Then, I lightly wet my hands and continue to massage cleanser into the skin. I used a muslin cloth (from Etymologie) to remove cleanser by rubbing it gently in circular motions. 

 I'm not kidding - after even 3 days of using this cleanser, my skin felt fresher than ever and blemishes subsided. I even feel like it helped to improve my oily-ness! 

Overall after a week, I feel like it effectively removed oil and dirt build-up and left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed and not tight and dry at all. I love how it contains 10 functional natural extracts including tea tree essential oil, papaya extract, St. Johns wort, willow bark, and green tea extract as well. So healthy for my skin and makes me feel good to be using a natural product!

The floral elixir was a real treat as well. I would apply this after every cleanse in the morning as well as after my shower every evening. The hydrating and plumping effects of this elixir is unreal! I felt my skin soak up these nutrients and feel super healthy and glowing after every application.

This product also claims to gently tone, tighten and visibly brighten the skin over time (I will continue to use and test for results!).

So, would you try Etymologie? Check out their full product selection here!

Thanks for reading today!

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