The Reason Why I Don't Swear

I don't curse and I don't swear. Like, ever. The worst thing I say (in my opinion) is "omg".
This is a choice I've made since I was pretty young. When I tell people this about myself, they have a few different reactions, usually in this order:

1. They say "How do you not swear?!"
2. They try to get me to say some kind of swear word
3. They ask me if they shouldn't swear around me

I used to be bothered by these reactions and felt very self-conscious, but now it just makes me laugh. I don't judge people for the words they choose and I also don't find it "offensive" if people swear around me. I mean, I listen to mostly only rap music - so you can imagine the amount of cursing I hear on a daily basis. 

I just make a conscious choice everyday to not repeat these words. I choose this because I simply don't want to fall into bad habits and become accustomed to saying things that don't align with myself as a person or even my brand. To me, swearing is pretty off-brand. I like to keep things sweet, simple and kind. I also don't like to change things and the "no swearing thing" has been a part of me for SO long and people just get used to it. If I started swearing, I would probably have my own identity questioned and even start questioning myself. 

At the end of the day, the "no swearing thing" is just another little quirk that makes me who I am - and I'm pretty proud of that.

For today's outfit, I switched it up with this cute two piece floral set - that I probably won't be able to wear much anymore now that the weather is getting pretty cool in Toronto. 

My septum ring is FAKE but I actually kinda dig it for this look. What do you think?

Zaful Two Piece Set // Shein Saddle Bag // Thrifted heels // Pandora Ring // Michael Kors Watch 

Thanks for reading today!

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