How I Manage 2 Jobs + The Blog

Aside from blogging, I have two jobs. It is a pretty busy lifestyle that makes things such as seeing friends, family, going out or even cooking / taking care of myself extra difficult at times! I have to admit, I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. 

On the blog, I always try to keep things positive and happy-go-lucky, but the truth is that things get difficult and doing all of these things with my life is hard work. I've had to sacrifice and make many responsible decisions in order to afford to live on my own in Toronto and manage to have the opportunities that I do. 

I work a full-time 9-5 office job as marketing manager. To make ends meet, I manage another business's social media platforms as community manager on a freelance basis. Any other freelance work with the blog is a bonus! 

It's been really tough lately to fit all of these things into my lifestyle over the last year or so. I spend way too many nights staying up late working, and something as simple as taking time for myself / self care has slipped through the cracks countless times. I am not doing my body or mental health any favours. 

Since I've been wanting to take better care of myself recently, I feel the need to sacrifice one of these jobs or cut back a bit. I have been juggling these jobs for a while now, and I always get asked how I do it all. 

I would never suggest that you run yourself too thin or say yes to everything and become overwhelmed, but I can offer some tips and some explanation as to how I've been able to manage this lifestyle over the last year! 


I have never struggled with this. I am a devoted planner and I am really good at sticking to a plan and executing it. I'd say it's one of my strongest qualities. I am committed, loyal and reliable. I also like to think I'm very driven and disciplined when it comes to managing my time! To improve with time management, set small goals for yourself and constantly stay on top of "work-back schedules". I always have a timeline in mind of when things should be done!


I've always made my work a priority. I'm young and single so I feel like this is easier for me but I always plan my weeks so that I prioritize working. I come home from my full-time job to answer emails, coordinate projects, plan content, copy write for posts, shoot and edit photos, etc. In terms of managing tasks - I always do the most important things first! I'd say start with the things you don't like as much FIRST and get it those out of the way. 


I feel like a lot of opportunities and "success" come from choosing certain things and making smart decisions. Having 3 jobs is my choice and how I manage to get the work done is a choice. I have never been one to "go out" every weekend and I don't even enjoy drinking that much. I schedule times with friends in advance and only ever put my effort in where the effort is reflected. I have never been a fan of "lazyness" and try my best to "just do it" instead of procrastinating. Set your goal. Make a date. And get 'er done! That to me is the smartest choice. 

What do you do to manage your busy schedule and stay motivated?

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Thanks for reading today!


  1. Great post! I think I have to do similar about my life. I'm having 1 job, own business, 2 different university degrees on progress, husband and a dog and well... Life can get busy sometimes.

    For me prioritizing, planning ahead 1-3 months, doing sometimes compromises and having everything in my calendar are musts.

    Nora /

    1. Thanks lovely! Oh I can't even imagine how much you must have to plan as well!! Life can be crazy busy sometimes and it's hard to manage. As long as you know what works for you, that's all that matters! Keep up the great work and be sure to squeeze in some self care time as well xox