Tips to Healthy + Strong Nails

Today I'm sharing some tips to healthy and strong nails! I'm always get complimented and asked how my nails grow so fast, long, and strong. I am blessed to have such naturally strong nails, but there are things that I do - and things that I should do (haha) to enhance my nails and keep them super healthy!

Nail Strengthener:

Using a nail strengthener to protect and enhance your natural nail is great. Wearing one as a base coat, or even by itself will keep your nails from breaking and/or peeling. I would suggest this one here called "Horse Power" by Butter London.

Hand and/or Cuticle Cream:

Keeping your hands and cuticles moisturized is a great benefit for your nails. These go hand in hand to making your nail beds, cuticles, and hands all looking super healthy and smooth! I like to use "Karma Kream" from LUSH. 

Using a Nail File + Shaping:

Keeping a nail file around is a great tool just in case a nail does get chipped and/or breaks. Shaping your nails with one (weekly) also keeps them looking super nice and polished. 

Some other tips and suggestions for healthy and strong nails would be to...

Keep polish on more often - The polish acts as a layer of strength and holds your nails together to be tougher when it comes to breaking, peeling, and chipping. 

Wear gloves in winter - Protect your hands, skin, and nails from becoming dry, rough, and brittle. It's super helpful and protectant in this recent cold weather!

Weekly Maintenance  - Taking the time for your nails at least once a week to trim, file, shape, buff, and even add a fresh coat of paint will improve the health and strength of your nails as well! This is something that I still take the time to do, and it's super worth it. 

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