Great Snacks for on the go

Today on the blog I will be sharing some of my favourite snacks to take on the go with me! I like to have a little snack to take along with me when I'm going to school for a long day of classes, on the subway, or in the car / on the road. There are some options for the sweet tooth as well as some healthier options. 

"Nutella and Go"

The first snack I am going to talk about are these amazing "Nutella & Go" snack packs! These individual containers hold crunchy white bread sticks (almost like a cookie/cracker) and a compartment of the beloved chocolate Nutella spread. These are super easy to fit into a bag or purse and are a delicious snack. 

Cup of Berries

Fruit is a great light snack that is super nutritious as well. My favourite fruits are berries - raspberries, blackberries and strawberries specifically. you can get these pre-made berry filled cups at your local grocery store, or you can purchase the berries separately, wash them, and create your own mixture in a reusable dish. Berries are also rich in fibre, pack lots of antioxidants, and are a great source of Vitamin C. 

Baby Carrot Individual Packs

I love these mini carrot packs! They hold the perfect amount of carrots for one person. I love purchasing these instead of the huge packages of baby carrots because I find that if I open a big bag, they go bad a lot faster. With the little individual packs, I am able to open them only when I am going to eat them and they are easy to take on the go with some ranch dip in a separate container! Carrots are also an excellent source of Vitamin A. 


Brookside Dark Chocolate Bites

I am obsessed with this fruit-filled dark chocolate pieces. These mini packs are super handy for on the go, too. I find that these little packages are a bit hard to open sometimes though, so if you don't want to always keep scissors with you while traveling, I would suggest purchasing the large zip lock bag of your favourite flavour, and transfer your amount for the day into a zip lock bag.

Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

These granola bars are amazing! I love how satisfying they are and how good they taste. Kashi in general is a great brand for snacks. Find these at your local grocery store!

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