Vitalia Nutrition Tea Tox Experience & Review

I did a thing - I tried TEA TOX! 

TEA TOX is a 28 day detox/cleanse where you drink 3 cups of tea a day for 28 days. It helps with digestion, energy, and stress. TEA TOX is carefully designed with 100% natural ingredients, to help the body get rid of the environmental toxins that surround us like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. You get the most out of your TEA TOX experience if taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. 

I received my TEA TOX from Vitalia Nutrition! You can find out more about their products and brand by visiting the website

I have to say that I am not a huge tea-drinker and usually only enjoy fruity tea blends, but these teas are actually SO tasty! I was pleasantly surprised with how yummy they were.

 Here are the three teas that are included Vitalia Nutrition's TEA TOX:

Morning Refresh
Matcha Tea

This one is a super yummy matcha tea, to be sipped in the mornings half an hour before breakfast! I would usually have this one on my makeup desk and sip on it while I got ready for class.

The benefits of this tea include:
Aids in weight loss
♡ Boosts metabolism
♡ Helps burn more calories
♡ Very high in antioxidants
♡ rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins
♡ Detoxifies effectively and naturally
♡ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
♡ Calms the mind and relaxes the body
♡ Contains caffeine 

Midday Boost

This is the afternoon tea! You are supposed to drink it half an hour after lunch. (Sometimes I would forget to drink this one- whoops!) 

I liked drinking this one though, because I could feel it give me a boost of energy to carry on with my day.  

The benefits of this tea include:
♡ Aids in weight loss
♡ Stimulates digestion
♡ Reduces bloating and cramping
♡ Reduces inflammation
♡ Improves constipation
♡ Helps repopulate good bacteria
♡ Supports liver function

Night Reset

I loved this one! It was a nice way to end the day and sip on while I was finishing up school work or blogging tasks before bedtime. 

The benefits of this tea include:
♡ Aids in weight loss
♡ Mild diuretic & laxative
♡ Improves digestion
♡ Aids in weight loss
♡ Boosts immune system 
♡ Anti-inflammatory properties
♡ High in antioxidants
♡ Relieves pain and stress
♡ Helps maintain the overall health of the liver
♡ Relaxes the body & mind
♡ Relieves mental stress

Tomorrow is my last day of the detox (day 28) but I wanted to share my experience on the blog with you all before I launch an exciting NEW SERIES! Stay tuned for it coming October 1st live on the blog!

Overall, I enjoyed the teas that were part of the detox and definitely felt like it gave me more energy during the first week! I had a little trouble remembering to drink 3 cups a day while still in school, and overall being busy with other ongoing events. Sometimes when I would go out for lunches I would miss the afternoon tea! 

It was hard to keep up with it at all times, but I loved how the morning tea made me feel so refreshed, the afternoon one gave me more energy for the rest of the day, and the night time tea was very relaxing to drink. 

If YOU want to try TEA TOX, you can get yours here!

Thanks for reading today!

Products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewAll opinions are my own.


  1. Those sound interesting, it's nice to hear of one's that are actually tasty to drink. Did you notice any difference in bloat?

    1. They're delicious! And honestly I didn't, but it could be different for someone else - I've heard others say they had a decrease in bloating with this TEATOX :)