Making Pink Macarons (for the first time) | #THEPINKLIFE

GUYS - I hardly ever bake and I've never tried to make macarons before, but I DID IT! I got help from my mom, of course, but I was still so surprised at how well they turned out! I made pink ones, too, so that I could share them with you as part of #THEPINKLIFE series.

I wanted to take advantage of my time off from school and try some new baking and cooking recipes. I've always wanted to try making macarons, but when I was searching for an easy "foolproof" recipe, I realized that they are one of the more difficult things to make! In the recipe I used, it states that it may take a few tries to get them to turn out. HAHA!

Theses ones actually turned out on the first try, and I was so happy with them! Some were a little imperfect in shape, but once I got the hang of pouring out the macaron mixture, they were more and more perfect every time. The recipe made about 40 of these cute little cookies. We made them with raspberry buttercream. They were delicious! 

If you want to try making them too, here is the recipe I used. Just follow the directions carefully, and they should turn out for you, as well! 

For mine, I know for next time to add in a little bit more food colouring (so that they are more pink, less tan/brown) and to pour the icing sugar in slowly when mixing up the buttercream, instead of pouring it all in at once!

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  1. These look amazing! I bet they tasted even better than they look :)

    xoxo Brie |

  2. Oh my gosh! THESE LOOKS SO GOOD. They came out so good!

    Rachel /