Denim & Silk + Life Update

SO - tomorrow is officially my last day as a fashion marketing student! I will soon not be a student anymore, and that's crazy to think about. I am super excited about all of the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead, and can't wait to begin the rest of my life. To celebrate my graduation, I am taking a little trip to Florida before I start working full-time and take on a new internship. I can't wait to share vacation photos and film some videos all about my travels too. 

For the look I am sharing today, I wore this super casual and relaxed look compete with a silky pink cami with a denim jacket and a black pair of skinny jeans. I threw on this rhinestone choker and a pair of rose gold sunnies for that extra bit of chic. 


Denim Jacket // Make Me Chic
Cami // H&M
Choker // Bungalow
Pants // H&M
Sunnies // Ali Express
Boots // H&M

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Love the fit of that denim jacket! And the blush pink/denim combo is so good!

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. Thank you so much!! I am obsessed with this denim jacket now and wear it ALL the time xo

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