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Valentine's Day looks a lot different in quarantine. Like most celebrations over the last year, it's best to stay home and celebrate with the people you live with / in your bubble, due to lockdown.

It's been tough to spend so much time in quarantine, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate! Personally, I plan to dress up and hangout with my cat, Olivia, and do some baking with my mom as well. In the evening, I will be attending RVNG's NYFW show - virtually, of course. Be sure to follow my IG stories for a look at the show and see the highlights I post.

This year I also wanted to do a fun collaboration with some of my favourite gals on IG to bring you a full look at what they will be up to for Valentine's this year as well. I reached out to 8 of them and asked "how will you be spending Valentine's at home this year?". 

They each put together a photo wearing their best pink outfit with all things Valentine's - pink (and red). 

You can see each of the girls' looks and read their responses below!

Marissa looks like she's ready for the cutest Valentine's party - from home, of course! With streamers and heart-shaped glitter garland, Marissa dressed up in her photo to show off her velvet sleeveless top and a pair of adorable baby pink shorts. I'm loving the cozy slippers she added for the perfect "at-home" vibe.

Marissa says: "My Valentine's day plans this year will include time spent at home in style, while binge watching my favourite Netflix series Virgin River. I should also mention I will be drinking way too much wine and enjoying some of my favourite treat's pizza and dark chocolate covered almonds."

Carina is sporting an adorable pink fluffy cardigan and she is looking cute and cozy for her Valentine's Day at home. I swear I have a similar cardigan to her's, and we could totally be twins in it! I love how she paired it with the white denim. Her pink and white combo is Valentine's perfection!

Carina say: "This Valentine’s day is looking a little different for everyone. This year I’m really taking this time to focus on ME, pampering and spoiling myself because why the heck not!? My plan is to pop open a nice bottle of wine (rosé of course!), throw on a face mask followed by a full glam of makeup and my cutest pink outfit, take a couple of selfies and finish the night off with some more me time, aka cozy in bed ft. a cute rom-com. This V-day is allllll about SELF LOVE <3."

You can find Carina on IG here.

Carolina is wearing the sweetest pink pleated dress and looks so festive with her Valentine's flowers and box of chocolates. So adorable!

Carolina says this is what she will be doing for Valentine's at home this year: "I'm hanging out with family, making a strawberry cheesecake and watching a movie."

You can find Carolina on IG here.

Alana's Valentine's setup is the cutest and coziest looking thing ever. I love how she wore a pink tie dye set and incorporated a lovely V-Day floral bouquet as well. A true "Valentine's Day from home" look!

Alana says: Valentine’s Day this year for me is honestly not too much different than normal, I usually stay home & hang out with my pup. She is always my valentine! This year I decided to buy myself some fresh flowers & do a fun pink makeup look to celebrate the day! Xo

You can find Alana on IG here.

Yasmine really embraced the pink for her look which I LOVE. How cute are those V-Day cookies, too? Yasmine's pastel aesthetic is always to-die-for and she definitely doesn't disappoint in this pastel pink setup as well. Her dress is also absolutely adorable!

Yasmine says: "There’s nothing wrong with looking cute for a date night in and I’ll take any excuse to dress up right now. We are planning a fancy take out dinner (probably The Keg), a couple movies, some video games and treats of course!"

You may recognize Nicole from the feature in my last look book collaboration, for Christmas 2019. Nicole continues to show up in the cutest looks and her IG feed is so aesthetic. I love this pink blazer she is sporting for Valentine's and the pink heart-shaped sunnies are the icing on the cake.

Nicole says: "My boyfriend and I always spend Valentine's day at home cuddling on the couch, watching Netflix and sharing a heart-shaped pizza. This year will be no different!"

You can find Nicole on IG here.

Jessica is looking adorable with her pink vintage tea set and tiara. This is such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day from home and her outfit is so on-point! Who wouldn't want to dress up like pink royalty for the day?

Jessica says: "My mom and I will be treating ourselves to an at home tea party! We plan on dressing up and enjoying some vegan snacks and fruit with our thrifted fine tea sets."

You can find Jessica on IG here.

Abi is decked out in the perfect "at-home" Valentine's look - red pj's and lots of pink Valentine's treats! I love her festive setup and cozy looking vibe. Another amazing "Valentine's from home" look!

Abi says: I plan on spending my Valentine's Day in cozy pyjamas while indulging in some delicious take-out and watching the latest To All The Boys movie, all while having a glass of wine in hand of course! My kind of perfect night!

Some of us girls also put together a fun video to show our Valentine's situation. Check it out here!

What are you up to for Valentine's this year? We want to hear from you!

Thanks for reading today.

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