Home Decor: Cozy for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and it is that time of the year when I feel the need to get super festive and decorate a bit. I picked up a few things, and also brought some things from home, to Toronto to get cozy for Christmas in my apartment! See all the items I used to style it (and how) below. 

Cute Winter Mugs:

I love this detailed blue mug with my "M" initial on it. I got this as a gift a few Christmases ago, and I absolutely love it! Cuddling up with a great cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate is a great way to relax this holiday season. 

Snowflake Decorations:

I got some little decoration items to put up such as these snowflakes. They are holographic/silver and are easily stuck up with a small piece of tape on my windows across the room. They are so pretty!

I also got some other items such as sequin ornaments, a huge gold bow, and other tiny decorative bows that have been placed around my space, that were not photographed. 

Faux Fur Throws:

I usually have this faux fur throw on my bed no matter the season, but I especially appreciate it now a days, because it's super cozy! It adds a comfortable feel to the room/couch, and is perfect for cuddling up with while doing homework, or on my laptop. Some Netflix watching is also a great thing to do while laying around with this decorative throw. 

Decorating the Coffee Table:

I switched up a few items on my coffee table /stand this season such as swapping my pink bubblegum candle, for this wintery snow one. I also put out this blue initial mug that reminds me of winter, and I put a fall/winter style magazine at the top of my pile of books in the corner. Little things like this can add to your holiday space and definitely make it more cozy for Christmas!

A Winter Scent:

This candle smells so much like winter and snow. It is a super fresh scent and is a beautiful blue colour. It reminds me of not only Christmas, but also winter in general and that's great because even when the holidays are over, I can still keep in burning - instead of putting it away for the year. 


I love decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments but also decorating with them in an unconventional way is pretty too. I picked up these adorable small gold ones and have out them all over the place - hanging them off of door knobs cupboard doors, drawer handles, and also put some inside a glass dish with flowers in it (see photo below). 

Pets can get festive too!

My cat Olivia is an adorable companion to have around, and it felt fitting that she fits in with my apartment decor. I picked out this sweet little number for her so she can wear it once and a while. It has a cute winter print with pom-poms by the neck, and is pink and white, with hints of blue. The perfect colour combo! 

Mini Christmas Tree:

The image at the top of this post is of the tiny little white (and sparkly) Christmas tree I have sitting on a dresser in my apartment. I strung pink lights around it and kept to the girly Christmas theme. This brings the whole festive look together and sure brightens up the holiday spirit in my apartment!

I have also been playing a lot of Christmas music around the apartment to get into the holiday spirit. It ties together the sights and smells when you have something to listen too as well. I have compiled my top favourite Christmas tracks together below! 

Christmas Playlist:

December // Ariana Grande
I Love Christmas // OMG Girls
Baby, It's Cold Outside // Haley Reinhart
Every Day is a Holiday // Katy Perry
Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande
This Christmas // The Sweetbox
Christmas Must Be Something More // Taylor Swift
Winter Wonderland // Tara Lyn Hart
Wit It (Milk and Cookies) // Ariana Grande
All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
Winter Things // Ariana Grande
Home This Christmas // Justin Bieber
Not Just on Christmas // Ariana Grande

Items in this post can be found at...

Pink Lights // Canadian Tire
Christmas Tree // Michael's
Mug // Anthropologie
Snowflakes // Dollarama
Faux Fur Throw // Chapters (Indigo)
Candle // Bath and Body Works
Ornements // Dollarama
Pink Cat Sweater // Winners

Watch clips from inside my decorated apartment below:

Thanks for reading!

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