Wish List Wednesday: Christmas List

This Christmas I had very typical girly items on my list. 

I have been obsessed with Too Faced Cosmetics for a while now, so when I saw their Paris inspired gift sets - I knew I wanted one! I had first seen them featured on Stephanie Sterjovski's gift guide, so read about them here. 

Keeping to the topic of beauty items, I also asked for various shades of lipstick from Lime Crime, some bath bombs from LUSH, and the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay

I am also in need of a cute laptop case for my Mac Book Pro. It can be kept a little safer then, and also have a trendier look to it like this marble laptop case. 

I also am obsessed with Ariana Grande, so of course, I had to put her fragrance on my list!

Of course, don't forget to add in the favourite chocolates, some nail polish, and gift cards to help on my "student on a budget" lifestyle!

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