Wish List Wednesday: Spring 2016

It's Wednesday today, and almost officially spring time, so of course - I had to put together a wish list for Spring 2016.

These items are all inspired by pastels - particularly Pantone's Rose Quartz and Serenity. 

I am in love with this adorable passport holder from Bando! (Top left corner). It says "I'm outta here" in rose gold font. It's too cute not to want to travel with!

I am also craving a greatly pigmented pale blue lipstick. I love experimenting with makeup and would love to have a lipstick of every colour in the rainbow, if I could. I feel like I already get enough weird looks when I wear the purple one I have though - haha! 

I would also love a pair of ripped white jeans for spring, some opal crystal earrings, the Hourglass highlighter + blush compact, this adorable donut cross body bag and a cute pink baseball cap for those "casual days". 

I'm not a huge shoe person, but these slide-on white sandals look super comfy and chic to be worn with any outfit or accessory - including some rose-coloured sunglasses!

Thanks for reading today

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