Removing Makeup, Moisturizing + More with Bioderma

Since living an urban lifestyle here in the city of Toronto, my skin has definitely changed. It is constantly feeling dehydrated, tight, and dry! External factors such as pollution, UV rays, temperature variations and stress are all contributing to my skin's appearance and feeling - and I'm always in need of something moisturizing at the end of the day! It is vital to keep sensitive skin properly moisturized and protected every day. Keep reading to find out how you can protect you skin!

I am loving these super moisturizing products by Bioderma. I have really enjoyed getting something new from them every once and a while! Each Bioderma PR package is like receiving lifesavers to my skin - at my doorstep. Below, read my reviews for their moisturizing makeup remover solution, and two new face moisturizers.

This Hydrabio H2O cleanses my skin and removes all of my makeup at the end of a long school day It is even able to remove my water proof eyeliner! I just poor some out onto a cotton pad, and wipe my face with it. It usually takes a couple of these to completely clean everything off!

My skin is feeling super hydrated ever since I started using this product, and the areas around my eyes no longer feel so dry and irritated. 

Rich Moisturizing Cream:

This Hydrabio cream is for dry to very dry sensitive skin. With that being said - it is not for me! I have tried to use the smallest amount on my skin, but because of my acne prone and oily skin type, I actually ended up having some white heads appear after using this product! I would recommend this to those who have super dry skin on their face or neck - it will be super soothing for you and definitely do the job!

Gel-Based Light Moisturizing Care:

This light moisturizer is for normal to combination sensitive skin. I loved using this light-weighted cream formula all over my face and neck after the shower or before bed. It smoothed my skin and makes it feel hydrated, look radiant, but didn't cause any extra oiliness or breakouts. It is also a great source of Vitamin E for my skin. It's the perfect balance!

Thanks for reading today! Check out all of Bioderma's products here.

                                            These products were sent to me for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own. 

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