My Favourite Smoothie Recipe

Today I will be sharing this super yummy and summer-worthy smoothie! I love making new drinks with different fruits and such, and they are always so cool and refreshing. 

To make my smoothies, I use the Nutri Nnja. It comes with these single serving mixing cups that are perfect for smoothie-making for one person.

In my smoothie, I like to put in some frozen strawberries and peaches, and also some vanilla frozen yogurt. 

I put it on high for about 30-45 seconds, and its finished! You can do a bit longer to make it an even smoother consistency, too. 

If your frozen fruit gets stuck and the mixture stops turning, switch off the blender and take the cup off of the machine. Then, shake the cup so that everything gets "unstuck" from the blending razors. Put it back on and start it up again - and it should be running smoothly!

Thanks for reading today!

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