My Favourite YouTubers

Recognize any of these? They are some of my favourite YouTubers! 

I don't always have a lot of downtime, but while I'm working on homework, cleaning the apartment, or even getting ready for bed - I love playing videos on my laptop in the background. Below are some of my favourite YouTubers at the moment!

Freddy is a sweet girly girl from the UK who loves pink probably just as much as I do. She seems so nice and has the cutest sense of style!

Charles live sin NYC and posts daily videos of just about everything in his life from vlogging, fashion, beauty, daily struggles, opinions + more. I honestly think that he is hilarious and would be really fun to hang out with! 

Hello October is a channel run by a girl named Suzie from the UK. She has an amazing sense of style and I really enjoy watching her fashion and beauty videos. She always seems to collaborate with high-end brands and that is so aspirational!

Lauren is the creative girl behind the channel Laur DIY and she has over 5 million subscribers! I have been watching her videos for years now and have enjoyed watching her journey through all the vlogs and DIY project videos. She is living in LA now, but is originally from Toronto (where I live!) 

Lavendaire is a channel run by Aileen - a purple-haired girl with lots of inspiring stories and positivity to share. She always has lots of ideas for improving your mind, body, soul, and overall life with working towards goals. 

Tasha is an adorable beauty YouTuber that loves bright colours and lots of glitter everywhere. I love her pink hair, video editing, and the way she makes everything look so fun and cute on her channel.

Jess and Grabriel are a vlogging couple that first met on Instagram before they started dating - and then got married. They are a super fun and energetic young couple and I love watching their daily adventures. 

Carly is a true fashionista, and her job is something that she has worked very hard for - and I aspire to do something similar one day! She works as a blogger and YouTuber, collaborates with many brands, and gets to make her own schedule. She is always sharing tips and very relatable things related to the industry that she is in - and I always enjoy watching!

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

Thanks for reading today!


  1. I love Carly Cristman! I'll have to check out some of the others.

    xo Jannine |

  2. Isn't she great?! Let me know if you check out any of the other channels - I hope you enjoy them too xo