Anybunny excited for Easter?

I'm really looking forward to Easter this weekend, so I decided to paint a nail art look to go along with the holiday! I thought this super pastel + bunny combination was perfect.

I did pastel shades on each nail, and then a white bunny as an accent nail. To create the bunny, I used a regular polish brush to do a half-moon shape on my one nail, and then I used a small paint brush to complete the ears, eyes, and nose. 


Pastel Green // Chillato by Essie
Baby Blue // Bikini So Teeny by Essie
Pastel Purple // Lilac Dream by The Beauty Parlour
Baby Pink // Pretty Pink Perseveres by OPI
Yellow // Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen
White // White On by Sally Hansen
Nail Stripers // KISS

Thanks for reading today!

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