Not Your Average Detox

I did a thing! I took the 30 day challenge with kaia naturals and made the switch to natural deodorant! the takeumi detox is a natural deodorant with activated charcoal and it works in "stages"

This is because your underarms' pores have been blocked by aluminum (which is an ingredient in antiperspirant). Aluminum traps chemicals and toxins inside your body and there is no way for them to filter out. the takesumi detox contains charcoal which the the key ingredient that will pull and filter out any junk trapped in your pores. This may result in more sweating and odor (the stages of detox).

I started using this deodorant on November 1st and have completed my detox process since then! I definitely experienced the stages of detox but what came in handy for me was using a strong soap before applying my deodorant in the morning (the deodorant booster bar) and wearing loose clothing made of natural fibres, such as cotton. When I wore synthetic knits, tighter shirts, or rayon, I found that I would sweat twice as much! 

the deodorant booster bar contains activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar. This powerhouse soap bar helps to eliminate bacteria so that when you apply your deodorant, it's going directly onto clean and prepped underarms. I think of the booster bar as a cleansing primer - and it came in super handy! It smells SO good and clean. Just like minty spearmint. 

Photo via @kaianaturals

After completing my underarm detox, I have to say I am super happy with my results and that I made the switch to a natural deodorant. I also don't know if this is weird or not, but after using the takesumi detox, my underarms feel so much healthier, smoother, and cleaner! I keep looking at them in the mirror thinking that somehow this deodorant has changed them for the better - knowing that I've made a super healthy lifestyle change and also for the appearance/feel of my underarm area. 

Watch the video for more on my process and thoughts about the products:

To get started on your 30 day challenge, learn more about the process of switching to natural deodorant, tips and tricks for your detox + more visit kaia naturals!

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