When Your Pom Matches Your Sweater

I KNOW - I don't have my pink hair in these photos. I shot this look a little while ago before the big change! How cute is this grey and pink fur sweater with the pink pom hat though? I am loving this combo for winter. Both pieces are super warm and make any basic pieces (like black denim) look so much cuter! 

FIRST - this pink and grey sweater!! I'm obsessed with the pink fur on the sleeves and it's such a fun design detail. I knew I needed this piece in my life! Plus it's pink - so how could I resist?! 

The sweater is from Preloved - a Toronto based brand that is Canadian made and eco-friendly - saving the planet one sweater at a time! I used to be an intern for this company - assisting with marketing, blogging, video editing, and more! I recently got back in touch with the team at Preloved and they featured me as part of their newest project The Life of Jules - "The Life Lived By". If you want to read my interview article, check it out here!

I matched this furry pink and grey sweater with my current fave winter accessory - this pom pom hat from Lindo F. They have the cutest toques to choose from and every colour of pom imaginable. Create yours here!

I am not super impressed with the snow lately, but hey - that's what happens in winter. At least I have these adorable winter pieces to help me get through the chilly days ahead!


Sweater // Preloved
Pants // H&M
Boots // Aldo 
Hat // Lindo F

Thanks for reading today!

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