Using Saturday Skin Products for the First Time

I got the Saturday Skin "No Bad Days" trial set for Christmas and let me tell you - I have been wanting to try these products for so long now.

I have been obsessing over the pink aesthetic of this brand, their insta feed and even their website design. I put these products to the test to really see if it's worth the hype and if the product itself lives up to the adorable millennial pink branding. 

The set is called "No Bad Days" and includes the following products:

I used these 4 products every day for 1 week. I have very oily skin and tend to have dry spots in the winter. My skin is extremely acne prone and I tend to wear makeup pretty much every day (with foundation, mascara, bronzer, etc). 

The first Saturday Skin product I tried in the box was Featherweight. It's a daily moisturizing cream with their "patented concentration" of the Cha-7 es Complex™ with nutrient fruit extracts that targets 7 signs of early aging by improving your skin's moisture level, texture, and tone. Saturday Skin claims that Avocado Protein extract helps strengthen your skin's barrier while antioxidants like peach extract increase suppleness and skin vitality.

I applied this cream every morning after cleansing, and right before I applied my makeup. The first thing I noticed about the product is that it's pretty lightweight and it absorbs into my skin quickly. It's pretty comparable to my typical daily Water Bank cream by Laneige, so I really liked it!

Next up is Wide Awake - a brightening eye cream with date Seed extract, Avocado Protein extract and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients claim to illuminate and refresh the area around the eyes. and nourish deeply. Saturday Skin also claims that their patented peptide complex helps to visibly improve hydration and firmness over time.

I used this one right after the featherweight cream and would tap it lightly under my eyes and over my eyelids. I loved the light gel texture and found it to be refreshing and instantly hydrating. Definitely gets the job done for my eye area!

Next was Rub a Dub - a refining peel gel that uses natural enzymes and powerful peptides, allowing you to gently rub away impurities and soothe your skin at the same time. This gel helps to pick up impurities that dull the look of skin, and as a result, skin will appear more refined, bright, and firm.

This was my first time using a peeling gel. I don't understand the real result I was getting out of this product, because I felt like the product was just a chemical reaction that created little eraser feeling bits all over my face when I rubbed it on my skin. I didn't see or feel much of a difference after using, but I also only used a small amount. 

The last product in this box set was Daily Dew - a facial mist that contains concentrated extracts of kiwi and grape to quench and nourish skin. 

It’s a toner and essence all in one - and I thought that was very cool. Have you heard of "skipcare" before? It's basically the concept of using less products instead of more in your skincare routine. So products that have a combination of a few product benefits (such as a 2-in-1 toner and essence) are great to use instead of having one separate product for each benefit. 

Daily Dew helps deliver nourishment and hydration over or under makeup. I usually spray it before makeup and it's extremely refreshing. I love the full spray of the nozzle that this product delivers. It's full burst of product that get evenly distributed over my face and I love how light and hydrating it feels!

My favourite products were definitely Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream and Daily Dew Facial Mist.

Have you tried Saturday Skin before?

Thanks for reading today!

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