#THEPINKLIFE in Toronto: For The Love of Pink Restaurants

Continuing with the pink places... today I'm sharing pink restaurants that I've eaten at before! And I'd say they all have some pretty good food.


This place is an old school convenience store that opens up into a bar + restaurant after 5 pm. The store section has a pac-man machine, candy, cane sugar soda fridge, etc. The bar + restaurant has neon lighting and an "upscale junk food" type of menu. Things I've ordered here before are the bubblegum sour (drink) and it was amazing. I've also tried both the fried chicken and this fruit and candy starter that doesn't look like it's on the menu anymore.

When you go downstairs to use the bathrooms, make sure you stop by the party line phones. This is where all the pink is! The actual bathrooms have pink doors as well. It's super cute and an insta moment for just about everyone that walks past.


This is the prettiest pink restaurant that serves my favourite kind of food - Italian

I love getting the margarita pizza or any of the pastas. 

It can be a bit pricey but it's such a lovely place to visit. I had my 22nd birthday dinner here and I've been a few other times before that as well. One of my fave spots for a nice dinner in the city!

They also have a café section with cool tile floors (pictured below). 

Frankie’s (Flamingo Bathroom)

This place is not the most pink place - but the food is really good and they have the most beautiful pink floral flamingo wall in the bathroom! It's an underrated spot and worth the trip even if it's just for the food and not the photos!

I tried the pasta and I totally forget what it was called but they do 3 house made pastas that change daily.

Fresh on Front

This place is super pretty and has healthy and delicious food! I love the pink and gold chairs with the teal green seating. The bathrooms are pink as well!

My favourite things to order here are the quinoa onion rings and the baby beach bowl with soba noodles.  

SoSo Food Club

This place is pastel mint + pink GOALS!

I am obsessed with the colour scheme and special pink napkins, plates and chopsticks. I can't say the food is incredible but if you are going to try anything on the menu - definitely go for the veggie dumplings! So yummy, but I try to avoid the spicy soy vinegar sauce that they're served with.

Sorelle & Co

This spot is the cutest little brunch go-to location. It's very pretty and also has a pretty decent menu. I love the mixed berry smoothie bowl. So good!

 The Yorkville one has pretty pink and white flowers decorated throughout and they also have the prettiest agate stone coasters on the tables. 


Lavelle is an amazing rooftop restaurant + bar that has a pool as well. I've been a few times for brunch and its been a great experience each time!

They have some amazing floral decorations at the tables and the pink detailed wallpaper at the stairs (near the elevators/bathrooms) is amazing. 

I love getting the cacao nib waffle!

Which pink restaurant do you want to hit up? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading today

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