#THEPINKLIFE in Toronto: For The Love of Pink Instagramable Locations

There are endless Instagram-worthy spots in the city and I'm always on the hunt for the pink ones! Today I'm sharing the best pink spots I've come across so far in Toronto.

Cocktail Emporium (Kensington Market)

This place has a pink painted brick exterior with a white porch and stairs and some of the prettiest gold decor items. You can't miss this place! It's too cute not to notice.

Piano Piano

This place is a restaurant, but I've never eaten here before - I've only ever taken photos outside (haha!). It has a super pretty pink painted floral mural on the wall and the arched doorway definitely adds some character. 

I can't wait to stop in and try the food one day - but for now, I will just enjoy the pink background for my Instagram photos.

Café Cancan (Porch Door)

Café Cancan was mentioned as a great café spot in my other post this week, but there is a pink door outside that I didn't mention. You don't need to eat inside to be able to enjoy this insta photo moment in front of the pink door on the porch!

Crown Flora

Crown Flora has the perfect go-to pink Barbie brick wall that has some lovely plants all around it. This place is a plant/garden shop so what else would you expect, right?

I have shot here so many times and it's not usually very busy so it's easy to get as many shots as you need for the right picture and angle!


Cam’s Auto

This was one of the first places I found out about when I first moved to Toronto over 3 years ago. It's a bright pink wall (owned by an auto shop) that many bloggers have shot at before. 

Be aware that you might need to use some photoshop skills to get rid of the marks on the wall. It can also look really dirty and I don't think they've painted it or fixed it in a really long time!

Flamingo Wall (College and Ossington)

This wall is a favourite of mine and it's located right across the street from Bake Shoppe. Be sure to hit up the two pink locations in one go!

Be aware that this wall is located where cars park. I've been here about four times and only one time there was a car blocking the way! I would suggest to go on the weekend, since that is when I've had the best luck. If you go during the work day, there might be a higher chance of it being blocked by cars.

Sugar Beach

This place is a sweet spot for summertime! I love coming here and shooting with the pink umbrellas. It's right near the sugar factory - hence the name - Sugar Beach.

Love Child Social House (Front Door)

Who doesn't love another pink door? There's this one and also one in Yorkville at Pink Tartan - but I've yet to get photos there!

Calii Love

This place is super yummy (if you pay a visit inside) but they also have a whole alley dedicated to Instagramable painted walls. My favourites are the pink ones, of course!

Her Majesty's Pleasure

This nail bar is Instagram goals - complete with white marble, a pink neon sign, champagne and the best arrangement of Essie polish shades for your fingernails. 

The Apartment

This spot is a small furniture shop that is painted all pink on the outside. How stinkin' cute?!

Which spot do you want to get your Instagram shot at next? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading today!

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