Valentine's Activities To Do In Toronto (If You're Single Like Me)

You don't need a bae to celebrate Valentine's, that's for sure. It's cool to hangout with friends instead - or even by yourself if that's more up your alley.

Here are some cute V-Day activity ideas you can definitely make happen next week:

Cute Dinner + Romcom 

Visit a cute restaurant, go for drinks or even coffee - then go see a romantic comedy at the theatre. I'm definitely going to see Isn't It Romantic next week with one of my girl friends! It looks pretty funny and right up my alley. Who wouldn't want their life to turn into a romcom? 

Solo or with a friend: 
Visit an adorable Bakery

I did this last weekend with a friend and I would highly suggest it! We hit up the cutest and surprisingly quiet little bakery called Velvet Lane Cakes.

I was in awe of the pink decor and Instagramable/Pinterest-worthy everything that the space had to offer. The peach tea was so yummy and the raspberry red velvet cupcake was delicious!

Self Love: 
Keep it simple

Honestly just keep it simple - and stay home!

Put on a face mask, watch some Netflix, bake some cookies - whatever makes you happy. Love yourself and know that this time is meant for you to be single and to just be content wth that. 

My Valentine's look this year is all about this silky pink wrap dress. I love how flirty and Valentine's appropriate the silhouette is! I've never owned a wrap dress before, but I'm really digging this style. I threw on some white Ariana heels and some big gold hoops for added accessory.

Pretty Little Thing Dress // Nine West Shoes // H&M Earrings

Thanks for reading today!

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