Winter Blues (Literally)

It's February. It's cold. And it's not been an easy start to the year. 
I don't want to complain or make any sort of "feel bad for me" type of post - but stress levels have been pretty high and I honestly have not been feeling myself lately. This past week has really hit me hard.

I try so hard to be happy and bubbly as much as I can, but it's hard to carry on like everything is fine when I have been feeling so down lately. 

I don't really know what is wrong at the moment. Just feeling a little lonely and super frustrated with the weather. I'm definitely a summer person. Spring - wya?

Sometimes you just can't show up and put on a big smile. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break from pretending to be okay. Sometimes you can blame it on the weather - and sometimes you just go through hard times that cause you to slow down and think about how you can change to make things better. 

Keep growing, keep learning, and these feelings won't last forever. After all, nothing ever stays the same.

How have you been feeling lately? Has winter got you feeling a little blue as well?

Today's outfit is a slight reflection on the mood but all about staying warm and fuzzy. 

I love the blue fluffy sweater with these black trousers and white sneakers. It's a casual weekend look and the pink hair + ribbon really add that feminine touch. 

I've got my Poppy and Peonies tote bag handy as well - I can't seem to live without this giant bag lately! I can literally fit my life in here.

Forever 21 Sweater // Zara Pants // Converse Shoes // MVMT Sunnies // Poppy and Peonies Bag

Thanks for reading today!

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